How to do yoga on a budget?

Yoga on a Budget

Let’s face it nowadays Yoga is a trend and a lifestyle that is unfortunately not accessible to everyone! Yoga can be pretty expensive and unfortunately lots of passionate people don’t necessarily have the finance to splurge on an expensive hobby! However, I’ve come up with some tips to help you get your yoga on a budget!

 1. Participate to Free Yoga Event
Summer is The yoga season with loads of workshops and outdoor festivals and events, this is the perfect time for you to stay connected and learn about all those free/charity events where yoga takes place. I love doing yoga for a cause or just with a new crowd! I’ve been to quite a few yoga festivals and conventions, and most of them where free, so don’t hesitate to join them! Best way to check what is coming to town is the Event section on Facebook.

2. Be a Karmi
This is a super fun way to practice for free in a Studio! You basically work few hours per week for a studio and in exchange you get to attend free yoga classes. Most of the time this means welcoming the yogis, answering the phone or cleaning the yoga mats. The perfect win-win situation!

 3. Look for specials and promotions
This is really a great solution when you are starting yoga and you don’t know if you will like it or not! A lot of studios offers super affordable unlimited first week or first month package. If you are a beginner, I would recommend you to try several studios and instructors so that you can see where you feel the most comfortable!

4. Yoga at home
​I practice on a daily basis at home. Some days I create my own flow, some other days I use an application on my Ipad (read more here) or I just follow a class on YouTube. They are so many classes online that you can follow that will really improve your practice without spending a single cent. I will sum up my favourite yoga classes and share it with you in the coming days.

I hope that now you will find some alternatives for your practice and that you will remember to do it for yourself and not for the shake of others or the social media! I would like to organize a Yoga meet up in Vienna, where we could all meet and practice in the park for fun! So if you are in Vienna and you are interested please email me ( or just leave a comment below!

Read more about Yoga Here!Yoga1

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