No Sugar Smoothie : Berries Explosion

Berries explo

For those that follow me on Instagram (@iman1707) you may have seen that I am on a no sugar journey since few weeks now ( a detailed post about it will come soon) and the hardest with this diet is the breakfast part. The only fruits allowed are berries because of they very low glycemic index, but lucky me it’s the strawberries season and my fridge is overloading with them! Berries are filled with lots of anti-oxidants and vitamins, all you need to start your day right!
This smoothie is quick, easy, deliciously fruity and best of all: super filling! Nothing is more refreshing than a healthy smoothie during those hot summer mornings and it literally keeps me full until lunch-time, win-win situation!

In a blender, mix the following for a big serving:
– 1 cup of mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries)
– 2 tbsp rolled oats
– 200 ml of plant based milk
– Cinnamon and Vanilla (Optional)

Enjoy fresh! berries explo2berries explo3berries explo 4

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