Sustainable Travel Must have!

Over the years I have learn to pack better, lighter and also more environmental friendly! Today I want to share with you five products that I never leave the house whitout.

1. Apricot Body oil 
One day someone told me that what you can’t eat, you shouldn’t be using it on your body, in fact the skin is our biggest organ, so since that day it made me realise that I needed to switch my beauty routine to a more natural one.
Apricot oil is great for dry skin like mine and it just smells and feels so smooth after.

2. Crystal Deo 
This is something I recommend everyone it is healthier for your body and also for the environment. It last for about half a year. This doesn’t prevent you from sweating ( which I think is the most natural body reaction to the heat) but it prevent your sweat from a heavy smell. I have been using it for ages now and I would never go back to the chemical spray versions.

3. Lip care 
My lips are something I am trying to pay more attention are they are super sensitive. So every morning and every night (also during the day when I need it) I apply a bee wax based lip gloss that is super moisturising.

4. Lavender Oil
I am always travelling with a set of essential oils (detail post coming soon) that helps me fight headaches, indigestion, skin allergies, etc. Lavender is one of my favourite because I use it on my skin and also to help me relax and fall asleep during long trips.

5. Bamboo based toothbrush 
​This is not a big news that the planet is slowly reaching her full waste capacity,and I believe that with small changes into our daily lives we could slowly produce less waste. For a healthy dental care we should be changing toothbrushes every three months, so you can imagine how many plastic toothbrushes are thrown in the bin? a lot!
Lucky us they are always alternatives to a more sustainable lifestyle and this toothbrush is amazing example because it is made at out bamboo, which mean that is 100% biodegradable.
Apfeldental is an Austrian company based in Styria, providing natural toothbrush for a better dental care and a better world. For every toothbrush purchased 2 litres of filtered water will be donate to a family in need, how cool is that?  You care for the environment and you can also help a family in need, I really like companies involving the local communities into the buying process. Last but not least it cost only 4,49€ so it is definitely affordable for everyone!

Giveaway : I am offering one of those sustainable toothbrush away, all you have to do is to follow me on Facebook here and leave a comment below or send me an email at!
End of the giveaway on Monday 10th of July! Good luck!

What about you? What is your must have? I would love to hear about it 🙂 Sus3sus4

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