Les Gorges de Saint-May, France


dsc-0188_origHello Dreamers!

I can believe it will be almost two weeks since I am back from my short Provence getaway (read the previous post here) and now that I am going through al the pictures I  took, I am realizing how magic this place was.
The advantage of visiting your family is that you get to discover pretty cool places, that a normal tourist wouldn’t find.
My cousin that is also a hiking freak took me to discover the beautiful waterfall of “Les Gorges de St-May“! and I was so trilled! The weather was so hot, something like 37 degrees on the day we went, that is was the best place to be..in between the trees feet in the water. We hiked for about two hours and took few stops to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
We took our lunch break by the waterfalls and relaxed with the calming sound of the water. I have to admit that the water was pretty cold as it is a sourced water, but it was so worth cliff diving! You can see me jumping in the travel video I made (find it below). The scenery was quite different from one I am used to in Austria, but it had its own charm.
If you plan to visit this spot make sure to take loads of water, sunscreens, and waterproof shoes… and I hope you are not afraid of snakes because we met some on the way…and ..Nothing scares me more than snakes so you can imagine how I was freaking out when we found them :/ Not funny! Anyway what about you, are you an outdoor lover? What animals scares you?

Location : Les Gorges de Saint-May
Dromes Provençales, France 


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