Summer Home Workout + Free Plan


I am so glad to ย be sharing this post with you today! I am trying to incorporate more fitness into the blog as it is super important in my daily life, so I hope you will like this super fun collaboration I did with an old friend of mine from Canada!

All you need for this home workout is a mat and lots of motivation!

What I like about it is that you can basically do it everywhere, in the garden, at the beach, at your grand-parents, and anytime during the day.

This plan emphasis on legs and glutes and will then define your beautiful legs for the bikini season! Most all remember to do it because you want to feel better in your body and mind and because it’s a good sweat that will make you feel so good afterward!
I am trying to do it twice a week combined with running and yoga!

So grab the guide and your mat and let’s workout!

ps: Make sure to tag me on Instagram so we can motivate each others!

Summer Wkt Pnm

Download it here : ย summer_workout_pnm



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