6 Summer Healthy Tips

1. Disconnect 
Take the time for you and your loved ones. Take the time to appreciate sunset and if you are an early birds, why not sunrise? Eat, read, study, sleep outside and let your body reconnect with mother earth. It will feel naturally for you to leave your phone and computer at home. Disconnect with the virtual world and reconnect with the authentic world.

2.Sleep well 
Yessss…even tho the days are longer and we tend to sleep later, try to take a nap if you can during the day or right after work. Remember a short nap, not longer than 30 minutes otherwise you will wake up even more tired!

3. Eat seasonal 
I love going strawberry or cherry picking when the warm days allow it! Summer is the season of so many delicious fruits and veggies, so try to use them in your cooking or as fresh snacks! Hot days goes with light meals, I prefer big salad bowl or grilled veggies instead of heavy warm dishes.

4. Drink Water 
Do I have to say that again?…Drink drink drink more! It’s warmer and sunnier so it is super easy to get dehydrated easier, so make sure to carry a water bottle around with you!

5. Turn activities into workouts 
Take a bike ride, a hike in the woods, a swim in the lake..It’s so easy to turn your little getaways into a sweaty and pleasant exercise. Make sure to move your body at least three times a week for about 45 minutes every time.

6. Sun 
I know the sun is here and we all want to sleep in front of it and re-stock our vitamin D in but..try not to expose your body between 11 am to 4 pm as this is the time where the sun is really strong and dangerous for your skin. Make sure to wear sunscreen on your face (daily) and your body.

Voila, here’s the little rules I live by during those beautiful months! ♥ ​


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