What is my fitness routine?

15302455-10153881915951106-800067607-oFitness routine, actually I dont know if I have one! I simply let my body guide me! Some days all I do is running and some days yoga and stretches are what I need the most.

I don’t have a real fitness plan because this would be too boring for me, instead I like being spontaneous and trying new things!

On a normal day during the week when my time at the gym is limited,  this is what look like my gym routine :

– 30 mintunes 5K run
– 15 Minutes biking
– 15 Minutes Abs and core exercice

This is what I do mostly during the week as I dont have more time!
During the weekend or when I have more time in the week, I try to have a day with an 1:30 hour to 2 hours cardio and the day after I would do only weights or yoga for my body to recover!  However during the summer  days I spend my time outdoor swimming,  hiking, playing soccer or simply doing yoga. If you are following me on my social media you would know that I spend a lot of my time outdoor doing yoga, it helps me reconnect with the nature and get my daily dose of Vitamin D.

I think it is super important to exercice the way you feel and not how the others do it. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with how you are supposed to eat, workout and how your body is suppose to look like..so don’t lose yourself in this digital illusion and really listen to your body even tho it sounds cliche, it is the most natural thing to do!

The key to a good fitness routine is obviously to be consistent and to have fun!
What about you? How many times do you workout per week? Are you more a cardio or a weight person? Let me know below!

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