How to Fight Jet Lag?


Today I thought I would share some of my tips that help my body to gradually easing into the new time zone. For business or vacation purpose, you don’t want the jet lag symptoms (insomnia, fatigue, daytime sleepiness or mild nausea) to ruin your trip.

When flying through multiples time zones, your body is getting confused and is not resetting easily.  However, we can help our body to recover faster and naturally, I follow those simple 5 rules! 

1. Change your sleep routine
Always few days before my trip, I try to adjust my sleeping time. If I go east, I will try to wake up and go to bed earlier, and if I travel west I’ll do the opposite. During the flight, try to est and sleep according to your destination’s local time.

2. Water, Water and Water
We all know how the flight conditions are dehydrating for our body, which can easily lead to headaches and irritability. I drink plenty of water, and skip the alcohol and caffeine during the flight.

3. Travel rested
Best chance to beat the jet lag is to get consistent quality sleep before your flight. Leaving home tired and deprived of sleep will seriously ruin your trip, trust me I’ve experienced it!

4.Natural light
Nothing is more natural than adapting to the time zone with the exposure of the daylight.  The cycle of light and dark is one of the most important factors in setting the body’s internal clock.

At your arrival try to stay awake until an early local bedtime. When I get sleep the best way to fight the jet lag is to exercise or to enjoy the fresh daylight. I love going for a run even if I am extremely tired, I find the transition a bit smoother on my body to the local time.

I hope that those 5 tips will help you fight the jet lag on your next travel!

Do you have any recommendation for me? 


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