Marriot Phuket Nai Yang Beach


Oh beautiful Phuket how I have missed you! Back in 2011, I worked for a Wellness retreat on the island, so this trip to Phuket was a trip back in time to my old Thai life!
We stayed at the Marriott Phuket Nai Yang Beach. Located few kms from the airport, this hotel is perfect if you are looking to relax and take time off from the busy streets of Bangkok. However, I must say that the resort is quite far from Phuket town (about 45 minutes) and other locations like Patong Beach, so if you plan to go out a lot this may not be the best location.
We were welcomed with refreshing towels, iced tea and a flower bracelet, this couldn’t make me happier.
We had a room with pool access, the coolest thing ever if you are fish like me! The room was spacious and comfortable!
I loved the turndown service with a little note on the pillow explaining the Thai traditions of wearing a different colours on each day of the week.
The breakfast buffet was to die for. Every taste can be pleased, from Asian, to American, to French and also to healthier breakfast like mine. Everyday I had a fresh pressed juice or a fresh coconut water with an amazing fruit plates (dragon fruit is a serious addiction). In terms of veggie/vegan food the restaurants menus are not offering lots of choice but I could always ask to have a local vegan/vegetarian option meal.
Unfortunately, September is the rainy season in South Thailand, so on our last day we had a full day of rain. Not the best if you are planning lots of outdoor excursions but the weather is part of the adventure and we just improvised and came to the conclusion that this would be a more relaxing and resourcing trip. Swimming all day (when it was not raining), working out, doing yoga, sunset walks on the beach and all other rainy season activities the hotel was offering like the animal folding towels workshop or cooking classes.
What I loved about this resort is definitely the associates (staff). They really made the stay memorable with all the attentions to the details to make us feel welcomed and comfortable. I will for sure be back in Phuket and until then here are some pictures of this wonderful trip and a short video!
Have fun! Phuket1Phuket2Phuket3Phuket4Phuket5Phuket6Phuket7Phuket8Phuket9Phuket10Phuket11Phuket12Phuket13Phuket15


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