Namaste with goats!


Ohhh this is crazy…if someone would have told me years ago to bend with a crowd of goats near by I am not sure I would have jumped in the opportunity but seems like today this is the latest trend in the Yogi world and naturally I had to give it a go.

We rolled out our mats and it was already going on. We were warned that the goats might be easier (bitting, peeing or pooping) on the mats. So I would advise you to take an old or inexpensive mat.I was lucky and got only few goat dungs on my mat. However the instructor wasn’t that lucky as one of the member literally emptied his tank on her mat. All I can tell you is that be prepared to expect some surprises, but that is fine, it”s part of the experience.

The yoga that was taught was not quite my yogic sight, but that did not matter. I was much more concerned with the goats anyway. The hour was over quickly, and I probably spent more time cuddling with the goats than doing yoga. The goats really do what they want : they laid down on the mats, walked around, observed what was going on, shoved me around, nibbled my hair, toes, bracelets and were just delightful. Even though it wasn’t really focusing on my yoga practice, I felt totally relaxed and my mind was somewhere else during this hour. This can totally be a fun way to relax mind and body, if you don’t have a goat phobia.

For the ones of you that are concerned of the well-being of the goats like me, they are well treated and live freely in the farm. The one we practiced with were between 1 to 3 years old. They looked happy and well nourished too.

I can really recommend this experience to everyone who loves yoga and goats.

You can see more of my session here on youtube.

Get your goat session here

Maple Hill Urban Farm, 200 Moodie Drive 

AM and PM classes available, 30$


*Thanks to Keith from Goat Yoga Ottawa for organizing this fun session! Make sure to visit them on Goat Yoga Ottawa.

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