12 Funny Things About Me!

7693736_origI don’t know if you will find them funny, but just reading them makes me smile and I got the help of my close friends too 😉

  • I still have problem about differentiating Left & Right side (not ashamed at at all lol)
  • When I like a song I can listen to it in repeat for hours!
  • I can’t live without my dog, yuki!!!
  • I am a French speaker but I read and watch more in English (But I love French and I am proud of being a Francophone, what???)
  • I love dancing, specially when stuck in traffic 😉
  • When emailing most of the time I get a MR Iman Said as an answer!!!!! So annoying I’m a just a Miss 😉
  • I have a snake phobia, even writing this words scares the hell out of me (Can’t see a pictures or even enter a zoo where I see “Tropical” Section because I know what it means 😉 )
  • I love kids movies, they just make me feel happy. Favourite Disney classic is Beauty and the Beast and favourite animated is Rio and Wall-E! What’s yours?
  • When in a restaurant, I always look at the dessert section first 😉 Calories, what? Don’t know!
  • Broke my wrist jumping from a chair, yeupppp I am on a Calcium supplement now 😉

Hope you laughed a bit and now you know me a little bit better!

I really would love to interact more with you, so feel free to share a fun fact about you ❤

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