6 Reasons Why You Should Shop At Your Local Farmer’s Market!


In some cultures shopping at the market is the only way to get fresh products but in our western and developed societies, the local village market disappeared to leave place to the supermarkets and other huge retailing spaces. We know now that the way we consume is having direct impact on our environment, economy and health. Therefore it is about time to make some adjustements.

During summer I love to shop local and go at the market, I feel that this is the right place to meet people and share recipes. However, I have made it a resolution for the winter month to go once a week at the farmer’s market. I also only buy what I need, which also need a little bit of planning for the coming week, as I don’t want to create food waste.

For the older generation going to the weekly market can be a normal thing, however it is not so common for the younger crowd, that prefer the convenience of the supermarket due to the opening time, locations and prices.

Some people will tell you that buying local and organic is pricey. The truth it is not always more expensive than what you buy in store, but you also have to realize that you are probably supporting a small family farm producing organic and fair. Buying organic means more money but then do we need 5kg of potatoes for 2 euros or just 5  organic and local grown potatoes for 2 euros.

It is a balance to find and it is your decision to decide what you want to feed your body with and how you want your consumption to affect the rest of the world.

Here are some reasons why you should go at the your next farmer’s market : Scroll down

thumb_IMG_0360_1024Taste better.
Farmer’s markets offer the freshest products around.

thumb_IMG_0361_1024Help the environment.
Eating locally saves vast amounts of packaging waste and energy required to ship food around the globe.

thumb_IMG_0362_1024Organic products better for your well being.

Mainly organic growing methods are used and this means you gain access to food free of pesticides.

thumb_IMG_0363_1024Support local farmers and your local economy.

In an era when sustainable farmers struggle to survive, farmer’s market profits—which go straight into growers’ pockets—help keep small farms alive.

thumb_IMG_0364_1024Save money.
Buying from farmers eliminates lots of intermediate costs and pricey shipping, so you get more value for your money.


Boost your plate.
The attractive and colourful displays in farmers’ bins and baskets encourages you to eat more fruits and vegetables.thumb_IMG_0366_1024thumb_IMG_0367_1024thumb_IMG_0368_1024

Here’s what I bought for 12 euros! I’ll make a pumpkin soup, I will have spinach in my smoothie bowls, Zuchinni to make a vegetable strudel (trying austrian dishes now) and strawberries and appel for breakfast! Not bad or? What about you? do you often visit local markets?thumb_IMG_0369_1024

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