3 Must-Have Yoga Props!


Hello dreamers,

Today I am sharing a little insight of what I like to practice to develop and deepen my asanas. Yoga props are simple tools to help you find more freedom, space and stability in your practice.

When I started Yoga few years ago, I never wanted to use a block, it made me look like I was a beginner and I didn’t wanted to look like a beginner. I believe that back in the days I didn’t understood the right purpose of props, but lucky me now I can tell you that there is nothing to be ashamed using props to help you support and/or deepen your practice.

Yoga Blocks

They are great to provide you extra support, to balance, to find a comfortable place to stay (yin yan yoga) and to help you get more flexible.I use it a lot when I am working on splits or pigeon pose.



Yoga Strips

This is one of my favourite props as it really helps me trough my yoga practice. It is a useful tool to support alignment and posture. I using it to open my shoulders that are very tights.



Yoga Lavender Pillow

This prop is the perfect addition to end my yoga practice during savasana. This hand dyed pillow is filled with lavender flowers and flaxseeds, so you you can imagine how relaxing and soothing it is for the eyes after a yoga practice or just even after a long day. Currently I’m using the pillow every night on my eyes to fall asleep. The gentle smell of lavender is my little self-care routine to fall asleep.

You can find more infos about this Lavender Eyes Pillow here.



What about you? Do you use any props? I hope this article will be helpful and feel free to leave a comment or share the love!



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